Versailles Reimagined: Discover Le Café-Hôtel Le Bout du Parc

Le Café-Hôtel Le Bout du Parc, the first address in the innovative Gally district, welcomes visitors right beside the Étoile Royale gate of the Parc du Château de Versailles. This eco-hotel blends nature and history into a seamless experience, establishing itself as a destination for those seeking both tranquility and cultural immersion.

Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of guests—from neighborhood locals to international tourists, and corporate travelers to leisure seekers—the hotel merges comfortable lodging with vibrant communal spaces.

The architecture of Le Café-Hôtel Le Bout du Parc, envisioned by William Wilmotte and Michel Desvigne, respects its environmental obligations while enhancing the aesthetic landscape. The main structure’s modest height preserves the vistas towards the historic gardens, and its natural gray-tinted wood construction complements the meticulously arranged French-style gardens surrounding it. This blend of traditional and contemporary elements ensures the hotel integrates effortlessly with its prestigious environment.

Internally, the hotel exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, characterized by the extensive use of wood and expansive bay windows that connect guests directly with nature. The accommodations—from rooms to chalets—are crafted to ensure privacy, tranquility, and comfort, prioritizing high-quality bedding and serene settings to enhance guests’ rest.

The café at Le Café-Hôtel Le Bout du Parc is a lively hub with a large terrace overlooking the gardens, offering 115 seats where guests can unwind and enjoy simple, wholesome meals prepared from fresh ingredients.

Le Café-Hôtel Le Bout du Parc offers a distinctive blend of hospitality and local engagement, providing more than just a stay but a gateway to experiencing the essence of Versailles in an innovative and sustainable setting.

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