Riding Waves and Building Community: Rainbow Surf Retreat in Portugal

Join the Next Rainbow Surf Retreat in Portugal for an Unforgettable LGBTQ+ Surfing Experience

After Panama, Morocco and Bali, Rainbow Surf Retreats invites LGBTQ+ surfers to Portugal for an exhilarating surf retreat. Founded by Steven Redant, a former DJ, and Rich Overgaard, a dedicated community builder, Rainbow Surf Retreats offers an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect, surf, and grow. The retreats have been a global sensation since their inception in 2023, attracting participants from around the world.

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Creating Joyful, Inclusive Surf Experiences

Rainbow Surf Retreats focus on fostering joy and community through shared surfing adventures. “We bring LGBTQ+ folks together for surfing adventures and retreats,” says Redant. “Our retreats feature daily professional coaching, beginner lessons, board rentals, accommodations, yoga and meditation classes, surf theory, and photos and video analysis. Our main goal is to send people home happier and wiser.”

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Overgaard emphasizes the unique atmosphere at these retreats: “In the surf space, the joy comes through when it’s a bunch of queer folks. There’s more solidarity, more fun, and more laughter. You don’t feel like you have to code-switch. You can high-five and hug, which is often missing from heterosexual male spaces.”

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Unparalleled Destinations and Unique Experiences

Hosted in stunning locations like Portugal, Bali, Morocco, and Panama, Rainbow Surf Retreats provide an unforgettable experience. “We choose locations that cater to both beginner and advanced surfers and work with high-quality local surf schools,” explains Redant. Participants enjoy beachfront accommodations that are safe and welcoming.

A typical day at a retreat includes morning mobility exercises, surf classes, restorative yoga, surf theory sessions, and the cherished “Family Dinners” where participants share stories and build lasting friendships. Beyond surfing, activities include excursions to nearby islands, waterfalls, and temples.

Building a Diverse and Supportive Community

Rainbow Surf Retreats welcomes surfers of all experience levels. “About half of our ‘family’ are beginners, and the other half are more advanced,” says Redant. “We help everyone progress, and the support from the more experienced surfers is beautiful to see.”

The retreats also emphasize diversity, with participants from various backgrounds and identities. “Our groups are incredibly diverse, including cis-men, trans men, and non-binary individuals from North America, Europe, and Australia,” notes Redant.

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Looking to the Future

Rainbow Surf Retreats plans to expand their offerings, including new destinations and unique experiences. “We’re planning a Rainbow Boutique Retreat in Indonesia and a ‘surf cruise’ in the Maldives for 2025,” shares Redant. They also aim to launch Maracuya Surf Retreats for straight friends and Rainbow Board Co., a surfboard company celebrating LGBTQ+ pride.

Participants’ testimonials highlight the transformative power of these retreats. From a 67-year-old beginner to individuals discovering their sexuality, Rainbow Surf Retreats have made a profound impact. “Most people are so thankful we exist. They feel proud and happy to have found a community where they can truly be themselves,” says Redant.

Join the Rainbow Surf Retreats Community

Rainbow Surf Retreats invites LGBTQ+ surfers and allies to join their upcoming retreat in Portugal and be part of this vibrant, supportive community. For more information and to book your spot, visit www.rainbowsurfretreats.com or follow them on Instagram @rainbowsurfretreats.


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