Beyond Limits: Grand Hornu’s “Superpower Design

Grand Hornu’s “Superpower Design,” curated by Benjamin Stoz, engages directly with the ambitious pursuit of enhancing human capabilities. Scheduled from March 24th to August 25th, 2024, the exhibition delves into the dynamic interplay between design and the augmentation of human potential.

Didier Faustino Doppelgänger 2011 Copyright ADAGP

Didier Faustino Doppelgänger 2011 Copyright Didier Faustino

The ethos of striving for greatness in all facets of life, from athleticism to intelligence, has shaped societal norms since the 1980s. “Superpower Design” critically explores how design has emerged as a crucial instrument in this quest, affecting everything from athletic performance to medical prosthetics. It confronts the ethical quandaries of human enhancement: Is it possible for design to elevate us to superhero status, and at what ethical cost?

Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai Metamorfosi Vegetali Copyright Davide Farabegoli

Featuring innovations such as exoskeletons, bionic prostheses, and additional digital enhancements, the exhibition paints a picture of a future where technology and biology merge to push the boundaries of what it means to be human. However, it also provokes a dialogue on the moral implications of such progress, urging visitors to ponder whether the quest for perfection might lead us astray from our human essence.

Sruli Recht VENICE HEEL HiTide credit  Marino Horlacius

Sruli Recht VENICE HEEL LoTide

“Superpower Design” is more than an exhibition; it’s a critical conversation about the trajectory of human evolution. It challenges us to imagine a future where design not only bolsters our physical and mental abilities but also cultivates our empathy, social consciousness, and environmental responsibility. This thought-provoking showcase invites attendees to question: Might the superhumans of the future actually represent a richer, more nuanced humanity?

Step into Grand Hornu for “Superpower Design,” an exhibition that promises a profound exploration of the possibilities and pitfalls of human enhancement through the prism of design.

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