Threads of Time: The Resurgence of Quenin by Maison Lelièvre

At the dawn of modernity, amidst the flourishing Belle Époque era, two French titans of textile artistry, Lelièvre and Quenin, began their journey. Now, Maison Lelièvre is ushering in a new epoch for the storied Quenin brand, marrying century-old craftsmanship with the pulse of contemporary design. The revival is a tribute to the shared heritage of French style and an unwavering passion for innovative textiles that speak to the heart of haute couture and luxurious interiors.

Lelièvre’s design studio infuses archived drawings and fabrics with modern audacity. This fresh vision marries oversized motifs and vivid colors with classic jacquards, prints, and damasks, embodying a “luxuriant harmony” that resonates with the contemporary interior design market.

At the helm since 2009, Emmanuel Lelièvre champions a comprehensive interior design experience, where Quenin contributes its rich heritage to Lelièvre’s family of brands. The Panissières weaving mill and the Croix Rousse hand weaving workshop anchor Lelièvre’s commitment to “made in France” excellence.

Quenin’s inaugural Belle Époque collection offers a reinterpretation of timeless designs, now imbued with bold modernity. It traverses four color stories, each creating a dialogue between past and present. Pieces like RONSARD tapestry, ARÔME wallpaper, and hand-tufted LE BOUQUET rugs exemplify the collection’s innovative spirit.

Maison Lelièvre, in collaboration with Friedmann & Versace studio, presents the Quenin universe with elegance and style. This first collection is a testament to the allure of French craftsmanship, where history is not just preserved, but passionately reimagined.

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