Beyoncé on tour in 2016 and In Belgium on July 31st


The least we can say about Beyoncé is that this Lady knows how to make an appearance and steal the attention, surfing the media wave like a pro.

After a quiet 2015, Queen Bey is back, shaking her booty more than ever. 

In a perfectly timed and paced move, she issued a new video clip on YouTube, reaching 20 million views in just a few days, she rocked the the 50th Super Bowl Halftime,  stealing the show from Bruno Mars andColdplay, then announced a tour in America and Europe ending on July 31st in Brussels!


In a time where police violence, criminality and unemployment figures clearly indicate that racism is far from being a closed issue in the US, Beyoncé chose to make her new song Formation.

The Queen is clearly at the top of her art and fame and she will grace us of her presence on July 31st for a concert at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. Get your tickets here [/wide]

Image source: Beyoncé

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