Mariah Carey spends night at hostel – in new commercial for Hostelworld

Legendary diva Mariah Carey has taken a break from her lavish lifestyle to join backpackers on a recent trip to Barcelona where she had her first hostel experience, at the luxe Casa Gracia…

Is that really you, Mariah? Diva throws a tantrum after an assistant books her into a $40-a-night hostel boasting free WiFi and coffee…
She’s famously known for her diva demands while travelling, refusing to enter London’s Baglioni hotel in 2005 until a red carpet was rolled out for her, along with flickering white candles.

The forty-something star who normally resides in a $35,000-a-month luxury mansion shot the video at Casa Cracia where facilities include free WiFi, private rooms, free 24-hour coffee and a cocktail bar.

Commenting on her role in the film, Mariah Carey said:

To mine and everyone’s surprise, the hostel was fabulous! It was super clean, modern and spacious. I say give hostels a go, it could be a great choice for all you world travellers out there.

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