Jonathan Agassi saved my life

Screened on 6 December at Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival ,  “Jonathan Agassi saved my life”, a film by Tomer Heymann, one of the hottest documentary makers around.

Fascinated by Agassi, a symbol for this generation, the director set out to discover more about him and followed Jonathan for eight years, both in his temporary hometown of Berlin and back in Tel Aviv with his mother, with a view to turning his life story into a film.


Jonathan Agassi, one of the world’s most successful gay porn stars, splits his time between Berlin and Israel. Agassi built his fame and success on what is considered a global taboo, but in fact pleases millions. A rare and intimate look at the world of porn and escorting, as well as on a unique relationship between a mother and son, who courageously redefine familiar family concepts. This is a film about a lonely person who seeks love and meaning, but is condemned to a destructive lifestyle, understanding that the extreme fantasies he chases are not necessarily his own.

Although Jonathan claims he has the best job in the world and says it has actually saved his life, it soon becomes apparent that he’s not particularly happy. The highly successful Israeli gay porn star is haunted by boyhood traumas, and his relationship with his largely absent father is problematic. With his mother, the bond is loving but complicated.

The film will be screened at the Palace Cinema on Friday, December 6 at 9pm, and will be followed by a discussion with Jonathan Agassi.



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