Bastille: A Scented Revolution in the Art of French Perfumery

In the world of scents, a new French Maison has emerged, not just with a fragrance but a revolution. Bastille stands as an anthem to freedom, encapsulating the spirit of change and vigor that reverberates with the historical event it is named after—the Storming of the Bastille. Celebrated in France with joyous dances and the vibrant fireworks of liberty, Bastille the brand seeks to distill this same spirit into its line of perfumes.

The Essence of Spontaneity and Innovation

Maison Française, the artisan behind Bastille, embodies enthusiasm and spontaneity, offering the freedom to play, reinvent, and remain true to oneself. Selecting a name as bold and meaningful as Bastille is a declaration of the brand’s intent to push boundaries while upholding the legacies of high perfumery. Bastille is about being more natural, sustainable, ethical, and transparent without sacrificing the enchantment and emotion that fine fragrances evoke.

A Transparent Revolution in Perfumery

Traditionally, perfume formulas have been jealously guarded secrets. Bastille breaks this mold with its commitment to transparency, disclosing every ingredient used in its meticulously crafted formulas. This bold step is a testament to the brand’s belief in ethical sourcing and customer trust, a true revolution in the fragrance industry.

The Visionaries of Bastille

The effervescent French brand is the brainchild of Sophie Maisant and Pascal Hyafil, two established figures in the perfume industry. Their combined expertise and effusive energy are key to Bastille’s rapid rise and dynamic character. They have infused Bastille with an irreverent French flair that respectfully disrupts the time-honored traditions of fine perfumery.

Liberty in Every Bottle

Each Bastille fragrance is a flag of freedom, capturing aspirations and personalities in a bottle. From the adrenaline rush captured in the citrusy and juniper freshness of “Hors-Piste” to the mysterious allure of “Paradis Nuit,” each scent is designed to make a statement. “Pleine Lune” offers a play of contrasts, blending the heady allure of tuberose with the serene notes of matcha, while “Rayon Vert” embodies the vibrant renewal of spring with its bright, aromatic greens.

Conscientious Luxury

Bastille is committed to creating luxury that is responsible and sustainable. Adhering to the stringent ISO 9235 standard, the fragrances boast a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. Bastille has risen to this challenge, offering refined and nuanced scents at fair prices. The brand goes further, ensuring its perfumes are vegan and clean, free from harmful additives and crafted with organic wheat alcohol.

Craftsmanship with a French Touch

The creation process is a testament to Bastille’s dedication to craftsmanship. The perfumes are created in Paris, assembled in Grasse—the perfume capital of the world—and bottled in the Paris region. The brand extends its local artisanship to its packaging, with beautifully designed bottles and recycled cardboard cases, showcasing French elegance and environmental responsibility.

A Commitment to the Planet

Bastille’s environmental consciousness shines through its membership in the 1% for the Planet movement. Through this initiative, the brand contributes 1% of its perfume sales to the Surfrider Foundation, marking its commitment to the protection of our oceans.

In few words, Bastille is not merely a perfume; it is a liberating manifesto captured in scent. It stands as a beacon of the brand’s courage to innovate with natural and synthetic essences, creating extraordinary, long-lasting fragrances. Bastille invites us all to embrace the magic of perfumery and the freedom of authentic self-expression.

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