Katerina Jakusova

Introducing Katerina, an illustrator who combines humor with great line-work and inks the world around her on paper.
[wide]Introducing Katerina, an illustrator who combines humor with great line-work and inks the world around her on paper.


She was born and grew up in Ostrava, Czech republic, a very industrial city that greatly influenced her. She has developed a strong liking for old factory halls, mining towers, high tension transmission lines… Some of these elements are recurrent in her work as well.

After graduation, she lived and worked in Prague. In October 2011, she moved to Berlin where she now resides. She has never gone to art school & her work is inspired by daily issues. She’s always loved comic books, animated movies and tv shows. In Katerina’s own words: “If you have to create life, anything on a paper, everything is possible! That´s just amazing! No borders.”

The first question is from the artist Nicolas Fontaine:

N.F: What kind of legacy or message, do you want to leave behind by the making of your art?

K.J: I just want to show people how silly they can be.

GUSMEN: What’s the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning?

K.J: I walk around my room trying to realize it´s a new day. Then I usually look out of the window and watch the Tempelhof navigation lights.

GUSMEN: What are your drawings inspired by?

K.J: By everyday life. Funny, sad, or bizarre things I see or experience. It helps me not to take life too seriously.

GUSMEN: Describe your art in five words.

K.J: Creep-show, life, mouths, irony, quotes.

GUSMEN: What’s the last thing that really surprised you?

K.J: Can´t remember of anything now.

GUSMEN: What are you focusing on at the moment?

K.J: Not to fall asleep at work.

GUSMEN: What do you want to achieve in the future?

K.J: Finally buy myself a table. I´m a lazy ass.

GUSMEN: And finally, what would you ask the next artist that we interview (without knowing who it will be)?

K.J: What would you do, if you woke up and found out you´re Donald duck?

To see more of Katerina’s work, visit her tumblr and Facebook page.

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