Kylie Minogue – Dancing

Kylie Minogue is back! The Australian pop queen Kylie Minogue released few days ago “Dancing”, the lead single from her 14th album “Golden”. It’s an upbeat number with a hook full of glossy synths, but built around a picked accoustic guitar line that borders on folk. Minogue worked on the project in Nashville with longtime Taylor Swift collaborator Nathan Chapman.
Kylie’s video for “Dancing” is Dolly Parton inspired, 70’s retro video with a whole lot of line dancing going on! She is holding a guitar, but that’s not something we should be worried about…

When I go out, I wanna go out dancing

Kylie’s upcoming album Golden was rumoured to be more stripped back and country inspired than we are used to from her. As for ‘Dancing’, this means that the verses are driven by an accoustic guitar, but the chorus is still dominated by an electronic pop beat. The arrangement is light and dreamy for this one and Minogue’s vocals are tender as usual. The chorus might be slightly repetitive, but the hook is so strong that it does not bother me in the slightest. Lyrically, ‘Dancing’ is not as shallow as it might seem on first listen. When Kylie sings ‘When I go out, I wanna go out dancing’, she is may be not just talking about a night out. Miss Minogue wants to keep dancing and performing until the day she ‘goes out’ forever. And we really like this idea!

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