Bendito Calzón – underwear inspired by the men of Mexico City

GeorgeX is an accomplished photographer who has been turning his lens on the sexed-up men of Mexico City.

“I’m a photographer who for a long time repressed a lot of my feelings and my sexuality…” explains GeorgeX, when I ask how he got started in erotic photography. “Growing up in Mexico, I was confused and embarrassed about what I was feeling. My photos are now a form of liberation.”

“I want to use my photography to help normalise the human body. I want to help normalise photos of guys with erections. There’s nothing wrong with erections – they’re totally normal and natural. I want my photography to help to tackle homophobia and discrimination – using the power of sexual and erotic images.”

George’s creativity isn’t limited to photography. He’s also recently launched a line of underwear.

“It’s called Bendito Calzón…” explains George. “It translates to something like Blessed Underwear.”

“Bendito Calzón is a celebration and a voyeuristic tribute to the men of vintage porn that have always inspired me. It’s all about classic masculinity.”

“We have to stop seeing men’s underwear as just something that is there to cover men up. I’ve designed this underwear to keep everything in place and also provide some support, so it gives every guy a good bulge to look at.”

“This is 100 percent Mexican underwear, but it’s designed for men of all shapes and sizes. In the same way that my photography includes all types of guys – muscular, hairy, defined, younger, delicate, thin, shaved. All of them.”

“I have a bit of an underwear fetish. I’m really turned on by guys wearing briefs and high sports socks. I’m obviously not alone in that – lots of guys tell me that they’re turned on by that kind of look.”

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