Miss Rose: Giovanni Bruno’s New Nighttime Gem

In the heart of Brussels, where art and gastronomy mingle under the glow of streetlights, a new gem has emerged: Miss Rose, the bistro conceived by Giovanni Bruno, the star chef of Senzanome. Just steps away from his flagship establishment, this is not just any restaurant—it’s a culinary journey.

As you cross the threshold, Miss Rose wraps you in its candy-pink hue, a love letter to the sweetness and flamboyance of the ’80s. Velvet chairs mingle with a spectacular floral wall, and every nook is an ode to retro elegance.

Bruno, both chef and aesthete, orchestrates a dialogue between contemporary art and dining pleasure. The walls are adorned with art pieces that are refreshed monthly, inviting guests to a multi-sensory experience. “Modern art must step out of its traditional nooks,” the chef shares, “and what better than a bar or a delightful meal to break down barriers?”

The night at Miss Rose begins with a cocktail or bubbles post-work, in an ambiance of sharing and warmth. Here, the trend is “sharing food,” an invitation to discovery and exchange. Fusion specialties meet daring cocktails, where rose syrup meets caramel for a burst of unexpected flavors.

Yet, Miss Rose is not to be mistaken for a night club; here, music is a whisper that never drowns out conversation, and the bistro closes its doors at the dawn of 1 a.m.

Miss Rose is more than a restaurant; it’s an experience that delights all the senses, a timeless escape that leaves an indelible mark on Brussels’ nights. An essential rendezvous for gourmets and art lovers alike, courtesy of Giovanni Bruno.




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