A Sip of Inspiration: Lee Ufan’s Artistic Touch on illycaffè Cups

Last month, Frieze London witnessed a unique melding of art and coffee culture with the unveiling of the illy Art Collection, a result of the distinctive collaboration between illycaffè and the acclaimed Korean artist Lee Ufan. This collection, now a treasured memory from the art fair, stands as a symbol of the timeless union between artistic expression and everyday life.

Lee Ufan, a master of minimalist expression, lent his singular vision to transform the traditional illy coffee cups. Renowned for his philosophy of interacting with space and materials, Ufan’s approach to the illy Art Collection was no different. Each cup, available in both espresso and cappuccino sizes, features Ufan’s iconic brushstroke – a gesture that captures the essence of an artistic moment, where intention and creation converge. This simple yet profound adornment elevates the cups from mere functional items to objects of contemplation and beauty.

The essence of this collaboration lies in the transformative power of art. Ufan’s design, while appearing simple, invites a deeper engagement with the everyday act of drinking coffee. It encourages a moment of pause, a space for reflection in the midst of life’s hustle. As the brushstroke on each cup uniquely tells a story, so does each sip of coffee become a moment of personal experience and connection.

As the illy Art Collection finds its way from the illustrious event into homes and coffee shops, it carries with it the spirit of Frieze London and the enduring echo of Lee Ufan’s artistic philosophy. This collaboration, though anchored in a specific moment in time, transcends it, offering a timeless invitation to savor the interplay of art and life in our daily rituals.



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