Surrender to the Serenity: Six Senses La Sagesse, A Caribbean Hideaway

Step into Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada, where Caribbean elegance is redefined amidst the emerald embrace of the tropics. Here, your Caribbean dreams are not just made; they are meticulously curated.

 In a tribute to tradition, Six Senses La Sagesse mirrors the quaint charm of a Caribbean village, where architecture and nature dance in harmony. The resort stands as a testament to sustainable elegance, ensuring the palm-fringed skyline remains untouched.

Retreats Crafted for Reverie: Luxuriate in dwellings where eco-luxury meets serene indulgence. Each suite and villa at Six Senses La Sagesse is a private sanctuary that opens up to Grenada’s natural splendor, complete with plunge pools that blend with the horizon.

Gastronomy Infused with Island Soul: Taste the vibrant soul of the Caribbean with Six Senses’ culinary offerings. Each dish is a celebration of local harvest and traditional spices, served with a side of ocean vistas and tropical serenity.

Wellness in Nature’s Lap: The resort’s spa is your gateway to rejuvenation, with treatments inspired by Grenada’s lush landscape. Partake in wellness rituals that harmonize body and spirit, surrounded by the natural symphony of La Sagesse.

Adventurous Spirit of the Caribbean: Embrace Grenada’s spirit with experiences that go beyond the sand. From cultural immersions to aquatic adventures, Six Senses La Sagesse invites you to discover the multifaceted wonders of the Caribbean.

 Six Senses La Sagesse could be your personal paradise, where the essence of the Caribbean unfolds in a symphony of idyllic scenery, tranquil waters, and unparalleled hospitality. 

Open from Mai 2024

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