Villa-des-Prés: A Chic Parisian Retreat in Saint-Germain’s Historic Core

As the new year unfolds, Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood unveils its latest treasure: Villa-des-Prés. Officially opened last December, this exquisite hotel is already making waves in the heart of a district celebrated for its fusion of fashion and culture. Villa-des-Prés emerges as a shining example of Parisian hospitality, offering an exclusive and intimate experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A Nod to Heritage with a Modern Twist In a quarter where Guillaume Apollinaire once penned his admiration, Villa-des-Prés stands proudly along Rue de Buci. Its post-Haussmann-style facade – complete with hewn stone and Parisian balconies – pays homage to the city’s rich architectural heritage, while hinting at the modern luxuries that lie within.

Bruno Borrione’s Masterful Touch Stepping through the doors, guests are greeted by interiors that exude warmth and elegance, thanks to French interior designer Bruno Borrione. Known for his knack for blending contemporary style with classic elements, Borrione has transformed Villa-des-Prés into a peaceful haven. His handpicked bespoke furniture and thoughtful remodelling of the building speak volumes about his dedication to creating a unique guest experience.

Artistic Flourishes at Every Turn: The hotel boasts 34 guest rooms and suites, each a canvas for the artistic collaboration between Borrione and Amélie du Chalard of ‘Amélie Maison d’Art’. Over fifty paintings by contemporary French artists adorn the walls, creating a gallery-like atmosphere. This collaboration reflects a deep appreciation for the arts, a cornerstone of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés spirit.

A Day in the Life at Villa-des-Prés:  Imagine starting your day in the lobby, basking in the soft morning light with a sumptuous breakfast spread. By afternoon, a serene break at the spa awaits, featuring a 13-metre heated pool and a range of treatments in collaboration with Odacité. As evening falls, the bar beckons with its signature cocktails, offering a perfect spot to unwind.

Accessibility and Information Located at 29 rue de Buci, Villa-des-Prés not only promises a luxurious stay but also easy access to the heart of Parisian life. More information is available at their official website.

As Villa-des-Prés opens its doors, it’s not just offering a place to stay; it’s inviting guests to immerse themselves in an experience where every detail echoes the soul of Paris. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine arts, a lover of exquisite interiors, or simply seeking a unique Parisian experience, Villa-des-Prés is poised to become your next favorite destination.



Pictures by Gaelle Le Boulicaut



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