Ceramique Brussels: A New Era in Contemporary Ceramics

Brussels is set to host ‘Ceramique’, a pioneering fair showcasing contemporary ceramics. Scheduled from January 25-28, 2024, this event marks a significant milestone in Europe’s artistic landscape. It brings together an eclectic mix of 30 Belgian and international galleries, selected through an extensive European call for entries. This initial line-up hints at the fair’s commitment to diversity, blending established and emerging talents in the world of ceramics.


The fair’s uniqueness lies in its dual focus. It not only spotlights renowned galleries but also champions emerging artists, particularly through the ‘ceramic brussels art prize’. This award, a beacon for young, unrepresented European ceramic artists, has already garnered over 200 entries. The ten winners, chosen for their innovative and diverse artistic visions, will be featured in a group show at the fair. This initiative underscores the fair’s dedication to fostering new talent.

Jojo Corvaia

Co-directed by Gilles Parmentier and Jean-Marc Dimanche, Ceramique is not just an exhibition space but a crucible for artistic exploration. Parmentier notes the fair’s role in unveiling novel concepts and lesser-known aspects of both established and emerging artists. Its global reach, with over 15 countries represented, promises a kaleidoscope of styles and approaches to contemporary ceramics.

Puls ceramics

 KO Ming-Miao 

Christian Gonzenbach

The jury, an assembly of esteemed figures like Caroline Andrin, Pascale Mussard-Siegrist, and Joël Riff, faced the challenging task of sifting through a plethora of high-quality submissions. Their selections reflect the dynamic and avant-garde nature of the current ceramic scene.

Ceramique is more than an art fair; it’s a visionary platform celebrating the evolution and diversity of contemporary ceramics. With a final list of sixty galleries to be announced soon, this event is poised to be a landmark in Brussels’ cultural calendar, offering an unprecedented opportunity for discovery and engagement with the world of contemporary ceramics.


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