The Romantic Glow of RAMUN’s Louise Lamp by Jean-Marie Massaud

In the enchanting world of home decor, RAMUN has unveiled a masterpiece that blends the essence of romance, functionality, and artistic design.  The ‘Louise’ lamp, a creation of the renowned Jean-Marie Massaud, marks a significant addition to the 7 STARS project envisioned by Italian design maestro Alessandro Mendini. As the third installment in this exclusive series, Louise is not just a lamp; it’s a statement of intimate and romantic illumination.

Design and Inspiration

Louise’s design exudes a comforting and convivial atmosphere, ideal for a romantic dinner or as a gentle bedside light. Jean-Marie Massaud describes it as wearing a “petite robe plissée,” which elegantly shields the delicate flicker of the flame, providing a warm and soothing glow. This lamp is a tribute to the art of light, bringing an element of French refinement into any space.

The 7 STARS Project

7 STARS, a project under the creative vision of Alessandro Mendini, comprises a series of seven decorative bedside and table lamps, each named after the constellations of the Great Bear. The series, which began with ‘Campanello’ by Mendini himself and ‘Bella’ by Marcel Wanders, is set to reveal more illuminating performances by globally acclaimed designers and architects by the end of 2025.

A Symphony of Light and Music

Louise transcends the traditional concept of a lamp. Its Candle mode creates a flickering flame effect, enveloping the room in an enchanting, romantic atmosphere conducive to deep connections and conversations. Adding to its charm, Louise comes equipped with ten classical melodies from composers like Bizet, Bach, and Chopin, as well as tunes like “Happy Birthday” and “Silent Night,” reminiscent of a music box.

Versatility and Elegance

Whether placed in a bedroom, on a dining table, in a hotel lobby, or the hallway of a restaurant, Louise adds a touch of French elegance. Beneath its base, a quote from Jean-Marie Massaud is engraved, reflecting on life’s adventure and the luminous encounters it brings.

Quality and Eye Comfort

Louise not only symbolizes good luck and charm but also emphasizes quality. Adhering to the guidelines of an internationally renowned ophthalmologist, it has been crafted to ensure the best light for eye health. The lamp produces no UV or infrared radiation, no flickering (Flicker Zero), and no heat. It’s RoHS certified and holds the highest safety certification in photobiological safety. The Louise lamp, featuring bulletproof glass and LEDs, comes in a rose gold color. It measures 9.7 x 27.6 cm.

RAMUN’s Philosophy

Founded under the creative direction of Alessandro Mendini, RAMUN is dedicated to creating timeless masterpieces. Born from a conversation between Mendini and his grandson, RAMUN’s lamps are designed with the dual purpose of protecting eye health and bringing good luck.

In essence, the Louise lamp is a testament to Jean-Marie Massaud’s and RAMUN’s commitment to excellence in design, functionality, and well-being. It transcends its role as a mere lighting fixture, becoming a centerpiece that infuses spaces with warmth, romance, and a sense of well-being.

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