Paradise City Festival: A Sustainable Rhythm in the Heart of Belgium

Set against the verdant backdrop of Ribaucourt Castle in Perk, Belgium, the Paradise City Festival has blossomed into a beacon of sustainability and electronic beats. Scheduled to dance through the days of June 28 to 30, 2024, it promises a symphony of experiences that resonate with more than just the ears.

After a stellar record last year, drawing over 43,000 attendees, the festival’s reputation is as vibrant as its line-up. The eclectic mix features heavyweights like Bonobo and Maribou State, who bring their globally revered, soul-stirring dance music to the stage. A DJ set from Bonobo is a rare gem, known for weaving a sonic tapestry that engulfs the senses, while Maribou State’s live performance is an immersive journey of organic electronic landscapes.

Joining these titans are pulse-raisers such as Marlon Hoffstadt, Job Jobse, and Daria Kolosova, alongside the hypnotic Skin on Skin and DJ Gigola. But it’s not just international allure that captivates; local talents like Blck Mamba, Emily Jeanne, and Zouzibabe are set to shine, proving the festival’s commitment to showcasing homegrown artistry.

In a refreshing twist, live bands will ascend alongside DJs, as the festival expands its stages, introducing a new chill-out realm dedicated to ambient and downtempo grooves. This expansion is a testament to the festival’s philosophy: a complete audiovisual odyssey that engages all senses.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s a practice. Paradise City beams with pride as A Greener Festival awards it four stars for the fourth consecutive year, a nod to its dedication to being one of the greenest festivals around. This eco-conscious approach is woven into every aspect, from the stage designs to the on-site accommodations.

The buzz for tickets is tangible, with Green Card tickets vanishing swiftly and Early Bird tickets flying off the virtual shelves. This surge of enthusiasm underlines the festival’s ever-growing community.

So, if you’re ready to be part of this utopia where electronic music and environmental consciousness dance hand in hand, secure your ticket. For a full lineup and more information, visit and and it’s greener than ever.

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