Palme Collection 2024: PINTO Redefines Elegance for the Spring-Summer Season

As custodians of PINTO’s rich heritage and distinctive identity, co-Artistic Directors Fahad Hariri and Pietro Scaglione have consistently elevated the brand’s furniture and tableware collections since 2020.

Their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship takes center stage in the new Spring-Summer 2024 Palme Collection, a testament to PINTO’s iconic status in the world of design.

Inspired by the majestic palms of the Marrakech palm grove, the Palme Collection, under the creative direction of Pietro Scaglione, introduces a stunning array of brass and steel consoles and coffee tables. Palms, symbolizing victory, triumph, and eternal life, have been an enduring motif in PINTO’s design journey over the decades, and the Palme Collection continues this tradition with a contemporary twist.

The original Palme creation artfully interprets the lines and shadows of the Palmeraie, infusing a breath of fresh air into PINTO’s design ethos. The innovative blend of brass and steel not only pays homage to Orientalism but also propels us into a more modern space while staying true to the brand’s commitment to the highest quality, elegance, and craftsmanship.

Crafted by the skilled hands of PINTO’s artisans, each piece in the Palme Collection seamlessly combines metal and stone with precision and finesse. The console and coffee tables boast a patinated brass finish, with tops available in Patagonia granite or Madagascar blue Labradorite. These unique pieces showcase the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and material exploration.


The console, a highlight of the Palme Collection, features a brass base with two exquisite finishes: medal patina (cold patina) and verdigris patina (hot patina). Microcrystalline wax treatment adds a touch of refinement, while the Patagonia granite top enhances the overall aesthetic. The dimensions (H 85 cm x D 52 cm x W 180 cm) make it a striking centerpiece for any space.

For those seeking a more compact option, the smaller console (H 85 cm x D 52 cm x W 115 cm) presents itself with a brass base in medal or textured patina. The choice of tops in Patagonia granite or Madagascar blue Labradorite adds a personalized touch, with other stone options available upon request.

Completing the ensemble is the coffee table, standing at H 50 cm x D 50 cm x W 70 cm, featuring a base in patinated brass and a luxurious Imperial white granite top. The microcrystalline wax treatment enhances the intricate details, making it a versatile and sophisticated addition to any living space.

PINTO’s Spring-Summer 2024 Palme Collection not only encapsulates the spirit of Marrakech but also exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovation and timeless design. 

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