Todd Merrill Studio, COLLECTIBLE Fair. 2020. © COLLECTIBLE
Todd Merrill Studio, COLLECTIBLE Fair. 2020. © COLLECTIBLE

Design Forward: A Glimpse into Tomorrow at COLLECTIBLE 2024

Brussels is poised to become a crucible of contemporary design innovation from March 7 to 10, 2024, as the Vanderborght Building hosts the 7th edition of COLLECTIBLE. This premier fair stands out for its exclusive focus on 21st-century collectible design, merging the realms of established galleries, cutting-edge design studios, and forward-thinking independent editors. At COLLECTIBLE 2024, attendees are invited to explore the forefront of design evolution, engaging with creations that are defining the next wave of aesthetic and functional paradigms.

Functional Art Gallery – Berlin, COLLECTIBLE Fair 2019 © Jeroen Verrecht

The fair’s diverse sections, including MAIN and BESPOKE, spotlight a wide array of international galleries and independent studios. The innovative segments NEW GARDE, ARCHITECT <=> DESIGNER, and DIALOGUE encourage a vibrant exchange of ideas, bridging various design disciplines and epochs. The CURATED section, led by Rawad Baaklini and titled “A Public Display of Affection,” along with the inaugural OUTDOOR section curated by Bas Smets, offer visitors a chance to see design within broader, sometimes unexpected, contexts.


Victor Hunt, COLLECTIBLE Fair 2019. © Jeroen Verrecht

COLLECTIBLE 2024 transcends traditional design viewing experiences by fostering interactive engagement with both the art and its creators. From striking installations at the entrance to groundbreaking sustainability projects, the fair highlights the use of novel materials and collaborative processes, including the exploration of Mycellium in furniture design. Education initiatives are also a key feature, aiming to inspire and cultivate the design talents of tomorrow.

Paulin, Paulin, Paulin – COLLECTIBLE Fair 2019 © Jeroen Verrecht

The opening of COLLECTIBLE 2024 coincides with the launch of its first-ever permanent exhibition space, further cementing its role as a pivotal platform in the design world. This permanent venue will not only feature exceptional tableware collections but will also serve as a dynamic space for ongoing design dialogue and exploration. As we invite you to COLLECTIBLE 2024, embark on an immersive journey into the heart of contemporary design, right in the bustling center of Brussels, for an experience that promises to reshape your understanding of design’s potential and future.

Vanderborght Building, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat – 1000 Brussels

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