Rediscovering Simplicity: Børge Mogensen’s Paper Cord Table-Bench

Børge Mogensen’s designs have always been noted for their simplicity and functionality, and his Table-Bench from 1958 stands as a testament to this. Recently, Carl Hansen & Son has introduced a new version of this iconic piece, now crafted with paper cord, which aligns with Mogensen’s ethos of durable and versatile furniture.

This updated version uses 335 meters of paper cord, skillfully woven by artisans, to offer a new texture and resilience to the classic bench. Available in both long and short sizes, the Table-Bench can function as a standalone piece in an entryway, or as a practical addition to living rooms and bedrooms. The structure of solid oak, combined with rounded edges and visible joints, provides a look that is both functional and understated.

By incorporating traditional materials like paper cord, the Table-Bench continues to reflect the principles of classic design while supporting sustainable modern practices in furniture making. It shows that the essence of good design is its ability to adapt and remain relevant across generations.

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