IONNYK : A magical piece of art Made in Belgium

Art can change how you look at the world. What if you changed your perspective on art? Imagine an evolving photograph. A photo that stops to be static, fixed once and for all, and that changes at will: at any moment, it is another image that materializes and creates surprise.

Why IONNYK ? Take iconic (which comes from an icon, an easy- to- takeaway image). Clear the “c” and your name starts with Io. These two letters are also numbers: the I and O of the digital world. IONNYK is a world first: the world’s first digital art frame, intelligent photographic image connected to electronic ink.

This ink consists of millions of black and white capsules. The paper does not emits any light. This is essential: visually, this makes the frame’s presence in an interior never intrusive, as soft and natural as a paper photo.

Finally, the frame consumes very little energy (99% less than a traditional screen), and works without cable.

IONNYK offers several experiences :

Experience 1: A taste of Ionnyk Each Ionnyk frame comes with a library of 10 black and white photos, controlled by an IOS / Android app

Experience 2 : Discovery Access to a gallery of art photos of emerging artists on subscription

Experience 3: Private Collection Limited edition prints of renowned photographers

Experience 4: Smart Art Sequence images, that evolves over time, in harmony with your environment. You never have to choose, since you change the image according to your wishes. But you can already choose the Founder Edition: 200 numbered frames in large or standard format, available for pre-order on our website. This offer includes a 12-month Discovery subscription, and an artwork by one of IONNYK’s sponsors (famous artists/photographers) with its certificate of authenticity.

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