Harmony in Design: A Fusion of Art and Furniture at Gallery Amelie, Maison d’Art, Paris

In a celebration of the January events dedicated to design in Paris, Gallery Amelie, Maison d’Art is set to host a captivating exhibition that seamlessly intertwines the realms of art and design.

From January 17, 2024, to March 18, 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the unique dialogue between art and design through a combined exhibition featuring the exquisite furniture designs of French artist Anthony Guerrée and the in-house design studio, De La Espada Atelier.

Anthony Guerrée, known for his innovative approach to craft and geometry, will be unveiling his latest creations for the first time in Paris. Collaborating with De La Espada, Guerrée’s pieces are inspired by his recurring dream of a starry night in Joshua Tree Park, gazing up at the Summer Triangle asterism. The resulting furniture pieces boast bold, sculptural forms that reflect the artist’s profound connection to fine art, design, and craft.

Guerrée expresses his excitement about showcasing his De La Espada pieces in his hometown, particularly in the esteemed Gallery Amelie, Maison d’Art. He emphasizes the gallery’s significance in blurring traditional boundaries between art and design, transforming each piece of furniture into a functional work of art that seamlessly merges aesthetics with utility.

Luis De Oliveira, co-founder of De La Espada, highlights the influence of art on their 30-year journey in business, celebrating the opportunity to exhibit within the esteemed Gallery Amelie alongside inspiring artists. The collaboration aims to explore the intersection of art and craft, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Anni Albers.

Amelie du Chalard, the gallery’s curator, orchestrates a captivating dialogue between Anthony Guerrée’s furniture pieces and recent artworks by Ludovic Philippon. Philippon’s exhibition, titled “La Tension du peu,” unfolds throughout the gallery until January 31, 2024, showcasing paintings, sculptures, and a carpet crafted by Maison Rizhomes.

Philippon’s work is characterized by sharp, contrasting colors, precise lines, and a meticulous balance inherited from his background as an architect. The exhibition invites viewers to immerse themselves in the visual and poetic impact of atmospheres and landscapes on the artist, with shapes that evoke a playful, yet serious, engagement with the audience.

The powerful and vibrant colors employed by Philippon contribute to the tension and density of his paintings, marking “the path of color” as the starting point of his pictorial journey. Described as intimate, solitary, humble, minimalist, and touching, Philippon’s art encourages viewers to embrace silence and let their imagination roam freely.

Gallery Amelie, Maison d’Art, once again proves to be a hub of artistic exploration, where the boundaries between art and design dissolve, allowing visitors to appreciate the synergy between different forms of creative expression.




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