Himalayan Eyewear : Step out in Style!

Himalayan Eyewear is a new brand of eyewear, designed in Antwerp and manufactured to the highest quality standards in terms of design, materials, comfort, and service. It provides a distinct and refined alternative to mass-market labels that lack distinctive features or quality, and where the logo is the most expensive element.

Leading the brand are Dirk and Steven Hendrickx, who combine years of experience at the top of the optical world with youthful and dynamic marketing and sales influences from other technology sectors.

Under the slogan ‘Step out in Style’, Himalayan Eyewear meets the need of a young audience to make a difference with a casual chic eyewear brand without boastful logos. The brand opts for a retro-futuristic design with unique details, and combines a refined style with optimal comfort.

Himalayan Eyewear glasses not only enhance style but also optimally protect the eyes. The lenses have built-in color filters for crystal clear vision, provide full UV protection, and reduce glare through anti-reflection. The frames are made of light but sturdy hypoallergenic stainless steel and can be worn both as sunglasses and as optical glasses.


The frames come in two models, each available in two sizes, three colors, and four lens types. Himalayan Eyewear is packaged in an original icy blue case, which includes a cleaning cloth with the brand logo.


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