Vilebrequin La Plage: A Cinematic Oasis on the Cannes Coastline

Step into a world of glamour and coastal allure as Vilebrequin takes the helm at one of Cannes’ most beloved private beaches: L’Ondine. This reimagined space, a collaboration with visionary interior designer Vincent Darré, transports you to a Mediterranean beach haven that exudes Riviera charm. From custom furnishings to nautical elements, every detail at Vilebrequin La Plage sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As you enter, your senses are immediately captivated by the sea-weathered wood panels that envelop you in a nautical ambiance. Hand-painted tiles and ceramic pots adorned with sea creatures and lush greenery transport you to paradise. The indoor cabin, lined with antique marine curiosities, houses a bar and dining area where you can indulge in the authentic flavors of the region.

The sun terrace beckons with its panoramic views, offering the perfect setting to savor a refreshing Ondine Fizz or Beach Bubble. While you dine on a locally-inspired menu featuring delicacies like grilled octopus and lobster salad, you’ll feel the Riviera’s essence come alive.

In the outdoor VIP bar area, fish and octopuses take center stage, transformed into whimsical sofas and stools. Here, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere where stars of both the cinematic and marine worlds intertwine.

Throughout the Cannes Film Festival and the summer season, L’Ondine will captivate visitors with a series of events, exclusive dinners, and DJ sets featuring special guests. Stay tuned for announcements on the exciting lineup!

At Vilebrequin La Plage, every moment is curated to make your beach day seamless and luxurious. From the moment you step onto the sand, our beach concierges are there to escort you to your own sunbed, complete with a parasol. Immerse yourself in the Vilebrequin experience with our signature jacquard beach towels, available for rent in five distinctive shades. For ultimate relaxation, indulge in sea star-shaped head cushions showcasing our most iconic prints.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we provide on-site showering and changing facilities. Need some beach essentials? Vilebrequin tote bags, sun caps, and bobs are available for borrowing upon request. And for our little guests, we have thoughtfully included complimentary Vilebrequin-themed coloring postcards and beach games to keep them entertained between swims.

Vilebrequin La Plage is a testament to the art of living the Riviera lifestyle. By day, bask in the radiant sunlight that bathes the bar area, while at night, let the stars illuminate your experience as turtles shimmer atop tabletops. This is where your vacation takes on the technicolor hues of a cinematic masterpiece, with you as the leading actor.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this enchanting beach escape. Vilebrequin La Plage awaits you at 64 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes. Open daily from 10 am to 2 am. For reservations, contact +33 493 94 23 15 or email

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