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Bolia & Pioneer DJ: A Fusion of Design and Music Harmony

In an unprecedented collaboration, Pioneer DJ, the world’s leading brand in professional DJ equipment, and, the Scandinavian design powerhouse, have joined forces to craft an exclusive collection of furniture that blurs the lines between the pulsating energy of clubs and the serenity of home.

This collaboration is more than a merger of two giants; it’s a celebration of creativity and an invitation for music enthusiasts to express their inspiration through innovative technology and design. The result? Cord DJ, an exclusive furniture collection meticulously designed to seamlessly accommodate Pioneer’s latest DJ equipment while exuding sophistication, natural charm, and elegance.

The Fusion of Japanese Aesthetics and Scandinavian Design

Originating from Japan and Denmark respectively, Pioneer DJ and Bolia naturally melded their distinctive design elements rooted in simplicity, artisanal details, organic forms, natural materials, and muted tones. This fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions gave birth to a unique style known as ‘Japandi,’ beautifully exemplified by the woven paper cords. These cords, elegantly concealing the speakers, allow music to flow seamlessly while paying homage to Japanese and Danish design traditions.

Natural Materials and Ingenious Solutions

Designed by the Berlin-based duo Hertel & Klarhoefer, the Cord DJ series is meticulously crafted by European artisans using certified natural materials such as FSC®-certified solid oak and organic paper rope. The Cord DJ collection ingeniously conceals cables and provides clever storage solutions, catering to music lovers and creative minds alike.

  • Cord DJ 1-unit is tailored for Pioneer DJ’s Opus Quad standalone system.
  • Cord DJ 2-deck effortlessly accommodates two Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 units and a DJM-A9 mixer.
  • Cord DJ 4-deck is designed for four Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 units and a DJM-A9 mixer.

These models are available in natural wood, embracing an organic and authentic feel, and in sleek black, adding an intense and sophisticated touch.

Beauty from Every Angle

Each Cord DJ model is crafted as an independent buffet, making them perfect for private homes and public spaces like boutique hotels and cocktail bars., the Danish design powerhouse behind this collaboration, boasts 82 stores across Europe, online boutiques in 30 countries, and retailers in over 50 countries globally. Their collective of internationally renowned designers shares a passion for longevity, artisanal quality, and sustainable solutions. Bolia’s biannual collections, inspired by the ever-changing Scandinavian landscapes, are meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

In essence, the Bolia & Pioneer DJ collaboration transcends boundaries, combining the soul of music with the essence of design. Cord DJ is not just furniture; it’s a symphony of craftsmanship, innovation, and aesthetic appeal, inviting music enthusiasts and design aficionados into a world where form and function harmonize effortlessly.

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