Gilles Dewavrin’s collection: A Poetry of Artful Glass Design

Step into the whimsical realm of Gilles Dewavrin’s swirling smoke clouds of poetry, where art and design intertwine to create mesmerizing decorative objects. This talented aesthete and designer, drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of Lewis Carroll, has crafted a collection of refillable glass candle containers that are as captivating as they are evocative.

Each handcrafted container bears the mark of randomness, making them intrinsically unique, like snowflakes in a winter storm. These captivating vessels house scented candles that transport one to distant lands and cherished memories. From the alluring fragrance of “Chinoiseries” to the mysterious allure of “Midnight Tales,” from the sun-kissed dreams of “Greek Summer” to the zestful aromas of “Palazzo Citrus,” Gilles Dewavrin’s collaboration with a famous Parisian Master perfumer creates an olfactory symphony that delights the senses.

However, the heart of this new launch lies not solely in the scents but in the wondrous containers themselves. One particular glass jar stands out with its ebony allure, as if dipped in the blackest inks, adorned with Gothic-inspired tendrils that flicker like dancing flames. In this darkness lies the essence of Gilles Dewavrin’s childhood England, where evening parties, wild mists, and a certain sense of stolid decadence coalesce into an enigmatic aura.

Another container, draped in the hue of duck blue, conjures images of tranquil lakes, rippling waves, and festive soirées under the indigo glow of dawn. Crafted by skilled artisans with an Oriental touch, these swirl glass containers encapsulate the very spirit of poetry, while their colors symbolize the innocence of transparency.

As you hold these artful creations in your hands, you can feel the weight of artistry—each one unique, unpredictable, and infused with the scent of a precious moment in time. The tops of the containers, deliberately uneven, boast hair-like strands that gracefully curl toward the candle wick, adding an extra touch of charm.

Gilles Dewavrin’s swirling smoke clouds of poetry are more than mere decorative objects; they are portals to wistful reveries and daydreams. With every lighting, they release fragrant whispers that dance through the air like ethereal spirits, illuminating countless evenings with their poetic allure.

Practical information: For those eager to experience the enchantment of Gilles Dewavrin’s creations, his exclusive collection is available at select points of sale. In Brussels, you can find these treasures at Thierry Boutemy, while The Invisible Collection in London, Paris, and New York also showcases these magical pieces. If you seek them amidst the scenic beauty of Gstaad, Switzerland, head to Galerie Menus Plaisirs by Caroline Freymond.

In a world where smoke eventually dissipates, Gilles Dewavrin’s swirling smoke clouds of poetry endure, weaving tales of beauty and wonder, and beckoning us to immerse ourselves in their magical embrace. So, let the swirls enrapture your senses and embark on an extraordinary journey through the realms of art and poetry.

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