Bolia: Where Japandi Meets Scandinavian Design

In the realm of interior design, a tranquil revolution is underway, and it’s called Japandi. This aesthetic, a blend of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism, is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. Bolia, the Danish design brand, stands at the forefront of this movement, bringing Japandi-inspired interiors to the fore since its Salone del Mobile debut in 2016.

At its core, Japandi is about harmony and simplicity. It’s a design that whispers rather than shouts, with Bolia’s pieces reflecting this ethos through their elegance and craftsmanship. The brand’s commitment to natural materials—wood, ceramics, wool—complements the Japandi style’s serene color palette of whites, beiges, and greys, accented with touches of green, ochre, and blue.

Comfort, too, is key in Japandi interiors. Bolia’s Cloud sofa and armchair offer a sanctuary of softness, melding sleek design with a hug-like embrace. The Elton sofa, a testament to Bolia’s dedication to handcrafted quality, invites you to experience the brand’s FSC® certified wood and durable fabrics.

Lighting takes a gentle, naturalistic approach in a Japandi space. Bolia’s Balloon pendant lamp, with its fabric reminiscent of Japanese paper lanterns, offers a diffused glow, while the handmade Racquet mirrors capture sunlight, adding a dynamic element to the tranquil setting.

Minimalism is celebrated through the architectural lines of the Falda series of vases and candleholders, as well as the Zen rug’s soft colors and nature-inspired motifs. Each piece, crafted with an eye for sustainability and timeless quality, is a tribute to the essential beauty of the Japandi style.

In a world that moves fast, Bolia and Japandi remind us of the joy in slowing down and embracing the essentials—a philosophy for living and a principle for design.


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