Light’s Emissaries: SERAX’s New Collection Casts a Glow of Inspiration

Amidst the mundane, SERAX has unleashed a symphony of light that speaks volumes of creativity and innovation. In its latest ensemble, SERAX introduces a lighting collection that is nothing short of artistic revelation. Crafted by the visionary minds of Marie Michielssen, Anita Le Grelle, Ann Demeulemeester, Patrick Paris, and more, these lighting objects are designed to transcend mere functionality.

Designer Sophie Casier

Each piece is a narrative, an exploration of form, and a dialogue with space, offering an escape from the darkness that pervades our world. Marie Michielssen’s designs play with shadow and light, creating an ambiance that is both surreal and grounding. Anita Le Grelle’s contribution is a dance of elegance and raw beauty, while Ann Demeulemeester brings a signature finesse that elevates any space it inhabits. Patrick Paris’ creations, on the other hand, challenge perceptions with their bold and innovative forms.

                                                                Designer Marie Michielssen

Designer Alex Gabriels

Together, these artists have composed a collection that is a beacon of hope. In the wake of challenging times, their work not only brightens spaces but also the spirits of those within. Each lamp, pendant, and chandelier is a testament to the enduring power of beauty and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Designer Ann Demeulemeester

Designer Ann Demeulemeester

As we navigate the paths of our everyday lives, this collection by SERAX stands as a reminder that creativity is the ultimate antidote to darkness. This selection of lighting designs doesn’t just illuminate our rooms; it lights up our future with the promise of brighter days to come.

Experience the full collection and let your world be illuminated at

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