Maison Leleu: Crafting Timelessness in the Art of French Deco

Maison Leleu stands as a beacon of French elegance and artistic craftsmanship, bridging the gap between timeless tradition and contemporary appeal. This Parisian atelier is renowned for its exquisite and understated style, which finds its place effortlessly in diverse decor settings.

The Maison’s philosophy is centered around an unwavering commitment to quality, achieved through a careful selection of materials and the revered skill of traditional manufacturing. Collaborating with distinguished manufacturers, Maison Leleu crafts custom-made pieces that resonate with exceptional quality, meeting the bespoke needs of its discerning clientele.

Their dedication to personalized design is evident in the variety of “discreet” and vivid hues available for their iconic pieces. The Maison’s offerings include the MAVA bar chair, a fusion of armchair and stool, boasting a singular curved line serving as armrests, backrest, and base. The BRIDGE console table, inspired by Jules Leleu’s 1950s SERPENTIN shelf, showcases legs that merge unexpectedly with a strikingly modern top.

Maison Leleu’s allure extends to its COLÉO armchair, reminiscent of an otherworldly bestiary with its inventive design and expert haute-décoration techniques. Further, the collection of LELEU PATTERNS by Alexia Leleu brings infinite customization to rugs, tapestries, and carpets through original designs and modern dialogues.


The TABADOS armchair and CORETTA tables break the mold with unique shapes and colors, originally conceived in wood, now reimagined in enamel for a contemporary twist.

Maison Leleu is more than a brand; it’s a heritage – its creations gracing the art market with authenticity, secured by innovative blockchain digital certificates. This is the Maison’s commitment to a resolutely contemporary lifestyle that only French luxury can offer, designed to sublimate any interior with a touch of epicurean flair.

Maison Leleu’s creations aren’t just furniture; they are a manifesto of style that promises to carry its legacy into the future, one luxurious piece at a time.

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