The Guariche Resurgence: Ligne Roset ‘s Tribute to a Design Virtuoso

Ligne Roset, a harbinger of avant-garde furniture, has taken on the mantle of reviving the genius of Pierre Guariche, a designer whose name resonates with innovation and timeless sophistication. The GUARICHE LIGNE ROSET line is a reverent nod to pieces that have shaped the French aesthetic, recrafted for a new era of of design enthusiasts.

Michel Roset, linked to the ethos of Ligne Roset, sees in Guariche’s designs a shared lineage of pioneering foresight. This partnership breathes new life into classics such as the Jupiter armchair, a 1966 masterpiece now available in Soft Touch leather and a swivel base of satin black epoxy lacquered steel, reflecting today’s leanings towards thoughtful, sustainable design.

Guariche, famed for his multifaceted prowess as an engineer, designer, and interior architect, infused his creations with an innate desire to innovate, setting him apart from his contemporaries. His pieces, like the Vallée Blanche chaise longue with its “seamless” fabric cover and chromed metal feet, speak of a time when furniture was not just functional but also poetic.

Jean-Marc Villiers, the custodian of Guariche’s legacy, has chosen Ligne Roset as the vessel to carry forward these iconic designs. The reissues are not simply reproductions; they are a homage, ensuring that Guariche’s vision endures on the global stage with the label of French craftsmanship and excellence.

The GUARICHE LIGNE ROSET collection is a testimony to furniture that transcends time, harmonizing with the aesthetics of the contemporary home while retaining the soul of Guariche’s original vision. It is a celebration, a rediscovery, and a new chapter for furniture that has stood the test of time, promising to grace homes and galleries once more with the essence of French modernity.


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