François Bauer’s “Le Jardin Extraordinaire”: A Ceramic Wonderland

François Bauer invites us into his enchanting world with his new exhibition, “Le Jardin Extraordinaire.” This collection, a celebration of ceramics, showcases Bauer’s unique ability to blend the artistic and the playful.

Bauer’s journey into ceramics began later in life, driven by a profound need to create with his hands. Initially trained in graphic arts and object design, he found his true calling at the Institut Européen des Arts Céramiques in Guebwiller. His work is a testament to his dedication, seamlessly blending form and decor into astonishing ceramic constructions.

The exhibition features a variety of pieces, all beginning as meticulous drawings. Bauer’s process transforms these drawings into three-dimensional forms, each imbued with a sense of grace and strength. The objects range from deconstructed cups and jugs to intricate plates, each piece a testament to Bauer’s ability to merge drawing with ceramics.

Walking through “Le Jardin Extraordinaire,” visitors are greeted by a profusion of signs and colors. Each piece invites the viewer to explore its contours and twists, revealing new details from every angle. Bauer’s playful nature is evident in his work, which often blurs traditional scales and forms, adding a surreal dimension that draws on his happy childhood memories in the Savoyard mountains.

Bauer’s childhood is a recurring theme in his work. He fondly recalls his grandmother’s English patchworks, his mother’s colorful tablecloths, and the sweetness of blueberry tart. These memories are woven into his ceramics, creating pieces that are both nostalgic and whimsical.

In a time often overshadowed by darkness, Bauer’s work offers a refreshing perspective. His playful approach and the joy he instills in his creations remind us of the importance of love and play. Like the whimsical songs of Charles Trenet, who inspired the exhibition’s title, Bauer’s ceramics invite us to find happiness in the simple, extraordinary moments of life.




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