Ottolenghi and Serax Present FEAST: A Celebration of Tableware

Yotam Ottolenghi, the acclaimed British-Israeli chef, has launched a new tableware collection in collaboration with Belgian design label Serax. The FEAST collection embodies Ottolenghi’s vibrant culinary style, featuring an array of colors, vegetable prints, and positive vibes. This collection is designed for joyful gatherings, reflecting Ottolenghi’s philosophy of sharing food and stories with friends and family.

Partnering with Italian artist Ivo Bisignano, Ottolenghi has brought a unique artistic touch to the FEAST collection. Bisignano, known for his work across various media, including fashion illustration and sculpture, has infused the collection with his signature “O” shaped brush strokes. This motif is a nod to the endless circle of gathering and sharing, symbolizing the very essence of Ottolenghi’s approach to food and dining.

The FEAST collection features an eclectic mix of tableware, including plates, bowls, and cutlery, all adorned with bold, abstract vegetable images. Bisignano’s designs evoke the idea of stamping actual vegetables onto the plates, creating a dynamic and colorful aesthetic. This approach allows each piece to stand out while harmoniously blending with others, much like the spices in a well-balanced dish.

In addition to the tableware, the collection introduces two versatile wine glasses, designed for both red and white wine. The glasses, etched with the “O” motif, add a touch of elegance and playfulness to any table setting. The cutlery, combining walnut and steel, complements the vibrant plates and bowls, offering a tactile and visual pleasure.

The FEAST collection aims to capture the spirit of Ottolenghi’s cuisine, which balances earthy simplicity with sophisticated flavors. The collaboration between Ottolenghi and Bisignano tells a story of dynamic harmony, where passion and refinement, tradition and novelty coexist. This range is designed to bring people together, encouraging the sharing of lovingly prepared meals around a beautifully set table.

Ottolenghi’s commitment to championing vegetables and creating colorful, flavorful dishes is mirrored in this collection. The plates, bowls, and glasses invite users to celebrate every meal, transforming ordinary dining experiences into festive occasions. Each piece in the FEAST collection is a reminder of the joy found in gathering and sharing, a core principle in Ottolenghi’s culinary philosophy.

Available through Serax, the FEAST collection serves as an invitation to create memorable moments with loved ones. The designs encourage creativity in table settings, allowing each meal to become a unique celebration. With this collection, Ottolenghi and Bisignano offer a new way to experience the joy of dining, bringing art and cuisine together in perfect harmony.


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