Lucas Castro Pardo: The Magnetic Expression of Natural




Lucas is the photographer from Buenos Aires that evokes shivering sensations. At 25 his aesthetic sphere goes beyond any superficial fantasy and tells us all about a reality as it should be.

Natural & magnetic. Lucas captures his subjects in their most natural state of being. And it all comes to a minimalist expression. There is something magnetic as well about the glow on these faces.

We witness an equal intensity of contradictions. Those that tend to merge the smooth and the hardcore.

Although some might consider that there is nostalgic feeling here, there is ground for reaction. This is not a depiction of a way we were but somehow the luscious side of the present.

Lucas grew-up in Buenos-Aires. The rule of reason early led him to drop engineering and grab this camera. His hometown full of rhythmic energy must be long-lasting inspiration for him to insatiably capture liberated beauty.

He is therefore a natural born one.

He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Peter, Tom & Dave, the magazine that says it all when it comes to gathering artists from around the world in a culture burst. Photography, art, architecture and music reflect on the screen pages as an art bible you would religiously consume.

With buoyant sensuality, Lucas got us feeling emotions.

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