Vibrant Fusion: Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft Unveil Vanguard Color Dreams Collection

In the world of luxury watches, a groundbreaking collaboration has emerged, blending Swiss horological precision with Dutch artistic flair. Franck Muller, a master in crafting opulent timepieces, has joined forces with Loes Van Delft, a celebrated artist known for her dynamic and imaginative works, to unveil an extraordinary limited edition: the Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft collection.

The heart of this collaboration beats within a limited series of 50 pieces, each a marriage of artistry and precision. Encased in a distinctive 43-millimeter titanium frame with black PVD treatment, the Vanguard case houses an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve, showcasing Franck Muller’s technical prowess. Yet, the true allure lies in the dial, where Van Delft’s art takes center stage. Her iconic character, “Pjipje,” and artistic signature seamlessly blend with Franck Muller’s Color Dreams numerals, forming a vibrant and captivating tableau.

This partnership transcends traditional watchmaking. With each timepiece, buyers receive a 90 x 90 cm art print personally signed by Van Delft, numbered to match the watch, elevating the exclusivity and value of each piece. This commitment underscores a dedication to providing a uniquely personalized and intimate experience for collectors.

Born in 1991, Loes Van Delft has left an indelible mark on contemporary art with her distinctive blend of playfulness and dreamlike elements. A graduate of the St Lucas Art Academy in 2012, she swiftly ascended to prominence, securing the Best Global Artist Award at the Amsterdam International Art Fair the same year. Her works are a journey through her personal universe, reflecting experiences and emotions. This artistic sensitivity is palpable in the collaboration with Franck Muller, where each watch becomes a canvas for her creative expression.

The technical challenge of seamlessly integrating Van Delft’s art into the watches was met with precision. Transferring the artwork onto the dial demanded meticulous horological technique and the careful selection of 26 different colors, showcasing Franck Muller’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity, harmonizing Franck Muller’s horological expertise with Loes Van Delft’s artistic universe. This collaboration ushers in a new era where art and functionality converge in a truly exceptional manner.
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