La Redoute Intérieurs’ Horma Mugs Transform Ordinary Moments into Stylish Experiences

Discover the art of everyday elegance with La Redoute Intérieurs’ Horma Double-Walled Colored Glass Mug Set. This exquisite pair of mugs redefines your drinking experience, turning each sip into a moment of chic indulgence.


Crafted with innovative double-walled glass, these mugs are a marvel of design and functionality. They keep your favorite drinks at just the right temperature while ensuring comfort for your hands. But it’s the splash of color in the glass that truly sets them apart, adding a contemporary and stylish edge to your coffee table or kitchen shelf.


The Horma Mugs are not just about function; they’re about transforming everyday rituals into extraordinary experiences. Whether cradling a morning espresso or unwinding with an evening herbal tea, these mugs elevate these simple moments into luxurious pauses in your day.

La Redoute Intérieurs has once again married practicality with French sophistication, offering a product that’s as durable and convenient as it is beautiful. Embrace the elegance of the everyday with the Horma Mug Set – where style meets substance in every sip.

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