Mercedes Classe A 180 : The New Facelift of Mercedes’ Entry-Level Range

In the automotive world, the name Mercedes immediately conjures images of luxury and comfort. And the Mercedes Classe A, especially with its mid-life facelift, is no exception to this rule. The Classe A 180, now the most affordable model in the star-studded range, is a perfect example of what Mercedes does best, even at its entry level.

The Classe A has undergone a subtle yet noticeable aesthetic facelift, with a double bulge on the bonnet and a mini-star pattern on the grille, highlighting an elegant and modern look. Inside, there’s a new steering wheel, inspired by the Classe C, enhanced with touch controls for an improved driving experience.

Under the bonnet, the most significant change is the introduction of mild hybrid technology in the petrol A 180 and A 200 versions, offering a smoother and more fuel-efficient ride. The new Classe A has phased out manual transmissions in favour of a dual-clutch automatic, meaning increased comfort, but perhaps at the expense of the dynamism some seek.

This Mercedes, though slightly lacking in responsiveness, offers sufficient performance for daily driving, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds. In terms of comfort, the Classe A prefers a relaxed pace, where its smooth and discreet mechanics shine. The suspension, while firm at low speeds, softens over longer distances, offering very acceptable comfort.

The Classe A 180 remains true to the Mercedes image: high-quality finish, comfortable
cruising, and reasonable consumption thanks to mild hybrid technology. However, pushing this compact luxury car will not yield much satisfaction. It’s worth noting that the AMG Line trim, while adding prestige, can impact comfort without the optional adaptive suspension. It represents an attractive option for those looking to enter the world of Mercedes without compromising on quality and luxury.


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