Midnight Elegance: Serax and Marni’s Enchanting Tableware Collection

The charm of Southern Europe lies in its vibrant, whimsical tableware that transforms every meal into a delightful experience. Whether it’s a morning espresso amidst Provence’s lavender fields or a late-night glass of wine under Sicily’s starry skies, the right table setting can make all the difference. Now, Serax and Marni bring that magical essence to your home with their Midnight Flowers collection.

A Harmonious Collaboration

Serax, the Belgian design powerhouse known for its exquisite craftsmanship, partners with Marni, the Italian fashion icon celebrated for its bold, colorful designs. This collaboration merges Serax’s attention to detail with Marni’s playful elegance, resulting in a collection that is both opulent and understated.

Floral Fantasy

The Midnight Flowers collection, Marni’s debut in tableware, features 120 hand-painted porcelain pieces inspired by the lush flora of the South. Imagine a sugar bowl adorned with lilac blossoms, cappuccino cups bursting with anemones, and dessert plates with delicate blueberry sprigs. Each piece invites you to relive the lavish banquets of your holidays, filled with vibrant fruits, sumptuous dishes, and joyous moments.

Elegant Simplicity

Despite their playful designs, these pieces exude refinement. The high-quality porcelain speaks of luxury, felt instantly upon lifting the first cup. The collection is perfect for various occasions, be it an elegant high tea, a romantic midnight dinner, or a celebratory toast.

Toast to Life

Complementing the porcelain are five delicately engraved glasses, each celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Together, they encapsulate the carefree spirit of Southern Europe, bringing a touch of elegance and joy to every gathering.

With Midnight Flowers, Serax and Marni offer an invitation to celebrate life’s beautiful moments with style and sophistication. Feel the Southern breeze and let every meal be a delightful escape.


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