Škoda Elroq : The Future Electric SUV from Škoda Gradually Unveils Itself

Škoda will introduce a new electric model named Elroq, positioned in the compact SUV segment with a camouflaged design. Scheduled for a world premiere in autumn 2024, the Elroq stands out with its adoption of the new “Modern Solid” stylistic language, a first for the Czech brand.

Modern Solid Design and Tech-Deck Face

The Elroq features the “Tech-Deck Face” instead of the traditional Škoda grille, combined with a new monogram on the hood. This unique design combines robustness, functionality, and authenticity while providing enhanced safety and strength thanks to Škoda’s iconic design elements. Behind the glossy black Tech-Deck Face are concealed sensors for the radar and front camera, creating a sleek aesthetic. 

Aerodynamics and Efficiency

The dynamic profile of the Elroq is accentuated by a slightly inclined roofline and wheels optimized for aerodynamics, contributing to an exceptional drag coefficient of 0.26. The aerodynamic wheels and wheel arch reducers further improve airflow, with wheel sizes ranging from 19 to 21 inches.

Sustainable and Innovative Interior

The interior of the Elroq emphasizes sustainability with “Design Selections” that use recycled materials. For instance, the “Design Selection Loft” includes door panels and seats made of Recitytan fibers, composed of 78% recycled PET. This ecological choice extends throughout the cabin, offering options that are both aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

In summary, the Škoda Elroq promises to be an attractive and innovative addition to Škoda’s range of electric SUVs, bringing a new perspective and significant advancements in design and sustainability.


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