YDROSIA: A committed approach, a new vision of the beauty routine

Ydrosia, the brand that is revolutionizing the beauty routine with its liquid detox – antioxidant treatment, is about to blow out its first candle. An opportunity to take stock of this very special launch year, but above all to remind us of the importance of taking care of yourself with quality and natural treatments.


Emmanuelle Le Gall, founder of Ydrosia, became passionate about cosmetics after facing serious dermatological problems. Heiress of a family culture of natural medicine, she became interested in the different products that were part of her daily beauty routine and deciphered the compositions of the creams and serums she used. The ingredients she found challenged her. Then, she decided to formulate her first treatments based on plant decoctions.

Its line of conduct: the exclusive use of plants and natural ingredients recognized for their benefits and qualities.

After much research and testing, she has found THE ideal formula: a liquid, oil-free treatment composed of 12 precious ingredients that act synergistically to moisturise, support skin regeneration and soothe the skin.


It was later that he came up with the idea of putting his solution in a bottle with a spray, in order to benefit from it in all the circumstances of everyday life: when travelling, at the office, after sport and even in the car!

“Ydrosia is my vision of natural beauty. Authentic, responsible and assumed beauty. Ydrosia is the case of the ideal skin treatment I created. A complete, unique treatment for all skin types”, says the founder of the brand.

“I started to distribute my treatment to my family, my friends, their children… and even their husbands,” she explains again. It was under their encouragement that, equipped with her formula, she contacted a Belgian laboratory and wrote the 1st chapter of Ydrosia with its detox – antioxidant treatment.

Here we are at the beginning of March 2020…   The lockdown does not stop this entrepreneur who studied in Paris, had his first work experiences at Sony, before moving to Brussels to work in European cinema.

At a time when the world seems frozen, she relativizes and takes advantage of this to develop her communication and to share the secrets of her simple and natural beauty routine.

In the Autumn 2020, she launches her face brush for dry brushing and collaborates with the Belgian textile design studio KOTTON to create tailor-made and always in a local and committed way, the skincare pouch.

Emmanuelle is currently working on treatments that will expand the range in the near future: food supplements, a facial cleanser and other mist formulas.



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