The Art of Elegance: PINTO x CASARIALTO’s chance glassware collection

For half a century, PINTO has stood as a beacon of bespoke designs, radiating a universe of color, eclecticism, and the artistic vision of its founder.

Whether it’s unique furniture or distinctive tableware, PINTO has never failed to enchant an international clientele ranging from design enthusiasts to decorating professionals. And now, staying true to its tradition of transcending boundaries and pioneering exclusive collaborations, PINTO introduces a new chapter with the CHANCE GLASSWARE COLLECTION in association with CASARIALTO.

PINTO’s Legacy: With its rich legacy of crafting exceptional designs, PINTO’s collaborations with acclaimed designers and artists like Stefano Pilati, Dominique Mercadal, and Véronique Rivemale have always made headlines. This venture with CASARIALTO is yet another testament to PINTO’s commitment to artistic evolution and excellence.

CASARIALTO’s Essence: Established in 2008, CASARIALTO is a name synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and unique design aesthetics. Catherine Urban, the visionary founder and artistic director, emphasizes the importance of supporting small Italian artisans. With an innovative spirit, CASARIALTO constantly ventures into new techniques, ensuring their collections are replete with originality and authenticity.

The Collaboration: It’s not just craftsmanship that brought PINTO and CASARIALTO together, but a shared love for the art of entertaining. Both brands, with their deep appreciation for cultural diversity and international inspirations, bring to the table a celebration of ‘art de vivre’ – a life full of warmth, emotion, and of course, exceptional design.

The CHANCE GLASSWARE COLLECTION, a beautiful amalgamation of PINTO’s eclectic universe and CASARIALTO’s unparalleled craftsmanship, stands as a testament to what magic can be created when two giants of the design world come together.

In essence, this collaboration isn’t just about tableware; it’s about telling stories, invoking emotions, and setting a new benchmark in the world of luxury design.  &


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