Château de Pressac: Discovery of the 2018 and 2019 Vintages at the Jean-Marc Quarin Meetings

The Château de Pressac, a prestigious vineyard located in the renowned Saint-Émilion appellation, unveiled its treasures to me at an exceptional event, “Les Rencontres Jean-Marc Quarin”, organized at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s hotel in Brussels. This experience not only enriched my knowledge of Grand Cru Classé wines but also allowed me to deeply discover the excellence and distinction of Château de Pressac.

During “Les Rencontres Jean-Marc Quarin” held on December 1, 2023, the tasting of Château de Pressac wine was a true revelation. I had the privilege of tasting the 2018 and 2019 vintages of Château de Pressac. Presented by Romane Blaise, the marketing and communication manager of the French brand, each sip told the story of its terroir and its making.

The 2018 vintage presents itself with a deep purple robe, immediately capturing attention. On the nose, it reveals rich aromas of black and red fruits, intertwined with peppery notes that add a fascinating complexity. On the palate, the velvety tannins harmonize beautifully with this aromatic richness, offering a round and profound tasting experience.

This wine promises timeless aging, suggesting that it will continue to develop and surprise over the years. The 2019 vintage stands out with a bright light purple robe, reflecting a certain vivacity. The aromas of fresh red fruits dominate, bringing a freshness and a seductive lightness. The soft tannins accompany this aromatic palette, making the wine particularly accessible and enjoyable. This vintage embodies joy and accessibility, inviting to a convivial tasting.

Beyond these taste qualities, what makes Château de Pressac particularly remarkable is its commitment to sustainable environmental practices. The estate has adopted an environmentally respectful approach, integrating organic cultivation methods and sustainable resource management.

This ecological consciousness is manifested in the limited use of chemical products, the maintenance of biodiversity within the vineyard, and winemaking techniques that minimize environmental impact. This commitment is reflected in the quality of their wines, which are the result of a harmony between nature and human expertise.

These two distinct vintages perfectly illustrate the diversity and craftsmanship of Château de Pressac. Their presence at “Les Rencontres Jean-Marc Quarin” was an exceptional opportunity to deeply discover these exceptional wines. This memorable experience allowed me to taste remarkable Grand Cru Classé wines, but also was an enchanting dive into the world of wine, where each vintage tells its own story.

These exceptional vintages from Château de Pressac are available at Delhaize supermarket. This accessibility allows a wider audience to discover and appreciate the quality and excellence of these wines, directly from the comfort of their locality.


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