Canova’s Calliope: A Neoclassical Treasure at Artcurial’s Spring Spotlight

Antonio Canova’s marble bust of Calliope promises to be the crown jewel of Artcurial’s esteemed spring auction. Revered for transforming marble into ethereal beauty, Canova’s status as one of Napoleon’s preferred sculptors has cemented his place in the pantheon of art history. His creation, Calliope, emerges as a beacon of mythological grace and historical craftsmanship.

A Masterpiece Unveiled
The anticipation is tangible as the art community awaits the public unveiling of this neoclassical masterpiece. With speculation of bids soaring into the millions, this sculptural narrative represents a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Before its Parisian debut, the piece will greet art lovers in Brussels, offering a prelude to its auction glory.

Echoes of an Empire
Canova’s legacy is intertwined with the grandeur of past empires, his sculptures a testament to an era where art was the language of power and delicacy. The ‘Ideal Heads’ series, with Calliope as its pinnacle, manifests Canova’s vision of perfect beauty, a harmonious blend of the real and the ideal.

Provenance of Prestige
Tracing its lineage through the esteemed Gourgaud family, the bust’s provenance enriches its narrative, having stood sentinel during the tumultuous period of Napoleon’s rule.

The Artisan and the Artifact
Canova’s enduring influence in the realm of neoclassical art is reaffirmed with each viewing of his work. This upcoming auction celebrates his enduring genius and offers a tangible connection to the silent muses of history.

Mark Your Calendars: Brussels to Paris
Before finding its way to the City of Light, the bust will be on display in Brussels, presenting a rare opportunity to experience its majesty up close. Artcurial Brussels will host this pre-auction exhibition from March 6 to 8, followed by a public showing in Paris from March 15 to 19.

As March 20 approaches, Artcurial’s stage is set to honor more than just a transaction; it is poised to celebrate a timeless masterpiece that transcends the ages.

Artcurial Brussels, 5 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels 

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