Illuminating Minimalism: PRIMARY SHAPE by Thijs Prinsen for SERAX

Architect Thijs Prinsen, celebrated for his innovative approach at LENS°ASS ARCHITECTS, unveils the Serax PRIMARY SHAPE collection, a testament to the beauty of minimalist design infused with natural elements. This lighting series, born from a creative epiphany amidst a sea of reclaimed bricks, stands as a revolutionary blend of artistry and functionality, introducing a new era in ambient lighting.


From Bricks to Lights: The Genesis of PRIMARY SHAPE

Thijs Prinsen’s journey into the design of PRIMARY SHAPE began in an unconventional manner—through a renovation project rich in the reclaiming of old bricks. The abundance of rectangular shapes sparked an idea in Prinsen: to design wall lighting that mimicked this form, drawing a direct line from the tactile texture of bricks to the soft ambiance of light.

Choosing materials that speak both of resilience and earthiness, Prinsen landed on coloured concrete in two shades and terracotta as the primary elements of his design. These materials, robust yet imbued with a natural essence, serve as the foundation for the PRIMARY SHAPE collection.

A Study in Shapes: The Design Philosophy

In PRIMARY SHAPE, the rectilinear form is celebrated and expanded upon with the inclusion of cone and cylinder variants. These shapes were not chosen at random but were specifically selected to fulfill the demand for ambient lighting that not only illuminates spaces but also enhances them. Prinsen’s design illuminates walls and floors, creating character-filled environments through the strategic use of light and shadow.

The collection’s minimalist approach is a testament to Prinsen’s design ethos. “By choosing terracotta on the one hand and coloured concrete on the other, I wanted to keep the design as minimalist as possible but with an earthly touch,” explains Prinsen. This philosophy echoes throughout the collection, promising to bring warmth and texture into any space it inhabits.

The Architect Behind the Design

Thijs Prinsen’s path to becoming the driving force behind PRIMARY SHAPE is as layered as his designs. Graduating in 2007 from the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg with a specialization in visual arts, Prinsen’s early works focused on creating spaces that evoke sensitive experiences. His projects, from museum designs to landscape research, showcase a deep appreciation for the phenomenological interaction between individuals and their environments.

Selected to participate in the prestigious “Master’s Trial” under Marcel Smets, Flemish Construction Master, Prinsen has since honed his craft, leading him to become a partner at LENS°ASS Architects in 2012. Today, as the lead of the agency, his work continues to explore the intersection of architectural rigor and artistic expression.

Lighting the Way Forward

Serax PRIMARY SHAPE is more than just a lighting collection; it is a philosophical inquiry into the essence of design and its impact on our living spaces. Through Prinsen’s visionary approach, each piece in the collection invites us to reconsider the role of light in our environments—not just as a utility but as an integral component of our homes’ aesthetic and emotional landscape.

In a world where design often oscillates between the ornate and the overly simplistic, PRIMARY SHAPE stands as a beacon of balance. It offers a fresh perspective on ambient lighting, promising to elevate any space it graces. With PRIMARY SHAPE, Thijs Prinsen invites us to bask in the glow of minimalist design, where light, form, and materiality converge to create something truly magical.

As we look forward to the ways in which PRIMARY SHAPE will illuminate our spaces, one thing is clear: Thijs Prinsen has not only crafted a collection of lights but has also lit the path for future innovations in design. In the interplay of shadow and light, form and function, Prinsen’s work continues to remind us that the most profound designs often come from the simplest shapes

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