Timeless Elegance: Tristan Auer Redefines Philippe Hurel’s Heritage

In a remarkable fusion of heritage and modernity, Philippe Hurel’s latest collection, curated by the  French designer Tristan Auer, shined at Milan Design Week 2024. Titled “Angle de Vue” (Angle of View), this collection underscores the timelessness and versatility of the century-old house’s legacy through twelve meticulously crafted pieces.

Philippe Hurel, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, has been a beacon of French furniture excellence since its founding in 1911. Under the creative direction of Martin and Raquel Hurel, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of high-end cabinetry and artisanal prowess. This latest collaboration with Tristan Auer epitomizes their commitment to merging tradition.

Auer, delving into the rich archives of Philippe Hurel, has selected pieces that not only reflect the house’s storied past but also resonate with modern aesthetics. His reinterpretation brings new life to classics like the Wallis Chair, adorned in rich, deep colors that enhance its elegant form. Similarly, the Tobias Stool, inspired by the world of wine, is reimagined with sophisticated finishes, marrying tradition with modern sophistication.

The collection is segmented into four distinct scenes, each offering a unique perspective on Hurel’s creations. For instance, the Alter Ego Console, originally designed for a fashion house, is presented with a two-tone scheme that accentuates its sleek, elongated form. Meanwhile, the Tyrol Chair and Stool, inspired by Austrian stays, feature a harmonious blend of lacquer and color, highlighting the brand’s signature craftsmanship.

One standout piece is the Chloé Table, showcasing exceptional veneering with a sun motif in lemon wood and a bubinga base, epitomizing artistic mastery. The Zigi Stool, with its iconic X-shaped silhouette, is transformed with a brushed stainless steel finish, adding an industrial touch to its timeless design.

Complementing these furniture pieces are the dreamlike works of artist Bastian Ogel, handpicked by Auer. Ogel’s vibrant canvases, rich in color and texture, seamlessly interact with the furniture, creating a dynamic dialogue between art and design. This interplay emphasizes the collection’s narrative of blending the old with the new, tradition with innovation.

“Angle de Vue” is a celebration of Philippe Hurel’s enduring legacy through a modern lens. Tristan Auer’s vision breathes new life into these classic designs, proving that true craftsmanship and thoughtful design can transcend time.



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