Land Rover Defender 130 : A Full-Scale Adventure

During our recent experience with the Land Rover Defender 130, we had the opportunity to test this adventure automobile giant in various environments. From city streets to muddy trails, the Defender 130 demonstrated why it is a vehicle of choice for off-road enthusiasts and large families. Here is our detailed review of this imposing SUV, based on our week-long intensive testing.

An Imposing Size

The Land Rover Defender 130 is an imposing beast, and this is evident at first glance. With a length of 5.10 meters, a width of 2.00 meters, and a height of 1.97 meters, this vehicle dominates the road. The extra 34 centimeters at the rear, compared to the Defender 110, offers an extended rear overhang that improves the space in the third row and the trunk.

In the city, its size can seem intimidating, especially in narrow streets, but its well-thought-out design, including the new exclusive Sedona Red color, attracts all eyes. The contrast of design elements such as the rear LED light clusters and the silver front skid plate add a touch of elegance to its ruggedness.

A Rolling Liner

Entering the Defender 130 is like stepping into a rolling living room. The marriage between luxury and robustness is evident. The Windsor leather seats, available in several colors, and natural wood veneers create a sophisticated environment. During our test, we appreciated the quality of the materials and the impeccable finish, particularly the leather and wood touches on the dashboard and doors.

The real highlight of the interior is the space. With adults seated in the third row, we found that access is facilitated by the sliding and foldable seats of the second row. The generous headroom of 990 mm and the legroom of 805 mm offer unexpected comfort for the last-row passengers. We particularly enjoyed the panoramic sunroof, which, combined with a second rear sunroof, floods the cabin with natural light, making long journeys pleasant.

The 11.4-inch Pivi Pro touchscreen is another highlight. Its interface is intuitive and responsive. We used this technology to navigate the city and the countryside, finding the user interface friendly and modern. The system is not only easy to use but also adapts to driving habits thanks to regular updates.

Powerful and Efficient

The Defender 130 offers several powerful and efficient engines. We tested the P400 3.0-liter gasoline engine, a six-cylinder with mild hybridization, which develops 400 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. This engine impressed with its responsiveness and power, especially during highway accelerations.

For diesel enthusiasts, the D250 and D300 options offer 249 and 300 horsepower respectively, with impressive torque. We also tested the D300 engine on difficult terrain, and its 650 Nm of torque allowed us to overcome obstacles effortlessly. The MHEV (Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology improves energy efficiency by recovering lost energy during braking, making the Defender 130 not only powerful but also relatively fuel-efficient for its category.

A True Off-Roader

Driving the Defender 130 is an unparalleled experience. Its electronic air suspension and Terrain Response system adapt the vehicle to the most extreme conditions. We crossed muddy trails and rocky terrains, and the Defender 130 proved up to the task with a 430 mm wheel articulation and a 900 mm wading depth.

On the road, the Defender 130 is equally impressive. The eight-speed automatic transmission is smooth and responsive, offering a pleasant drive both in the city and on the highway. During our tests, we particularly appreciated the cabin’s silence, even at higher speeds. The Cabin Air Purification Plus system ensures a healthy environment for all passengers, which is a real plus during long journeys.

Off-road, the Defender 130 excels. We explored muddy paths and steep slopes, and the vehicle never disappointed. The air suspension and Terrain Response system allowed us to overcome impressive obstacles without any problem. The Goodyear Wrangler tires provided excellent grip, even in the most challenging conditions.

A Distinctive Choice Against Its Competitors

In the premium SUV market, the Defender 130 competes with models like the Audi Q7, the BMW X7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS. Compared to these competitors, the Defender 130 stands out with its exceptional off-road capabilities and unique design. In our comparison, we found that while the Q7 and X7 offer a more urban and luxurious experience, the Defender 130 stands out for its versatility and ruggedness.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS, for example, offers similar comfort but lacks the same off-road capability. In terms of price, the Defender 130 is in a similar range to its competitors, but it offers off-road capabilities that few vehicles can match.

A Justified Price?

In Belgium, the Defender 130 is available starting at €89,200. This price can quickly rise depending on the chosen options, reaching over €100,000 for the most luxurious configurations like the First Edition. During our test, we drove a well-equipped version priced over €110,000. While this price may seem high, it reflects the quality, technology, and capabilities offered by this exceptional vehicle.

The Defender 130, with all its options, is a significant investment, but one justified by its versatility and performance. For those looking for an SUV capable of facing anything, the Defender 130 is a top choice.

Our Opinion on This Defender 130

In summary, the Land Rover Defender 130 offers a unique driving experience thanks to its off-road capabilities, luxurious and spacious interior with high-quality materials, and advanced technology, including the intuitive Pivi Pro interface and air purification systems. Ideal for large families and adventurers, it excels on both urban roads and challenging trails, though access to the third row can be restrictive and its imposing size makes city driving less practical. Despite a high price that may deter some buyers, the Defender 130 stands out as an exceptional vehicle, ready to tackle any adventure with comfort and performance.

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