“Disgracers”: Portraiture like photography

It takes a highly skilled and technical photographer to capture the perfect moment in life that evokes emotion. It takes a genuine master of the camera to allow the image to distort, blur and somewhat seem to move on its own while the onlookers debate whether it is in fact a painting or a photo. Nicolas Karakatsanis is this master.

Walking to the Alice Gallery in Brussels is an adventure in itself. From the central station you promenade across the awe inspiring Grand Place with its infamous city hall built throughout two eras and enjoy its many sun-soaked terraces filled with people from all over the world, each appreciating the local cuisine including the Belgian beer. Crossing passed the old stock exchange building and through the quarter of St Catherine; the stop for excellent fish restaurants. Finally, you come down the picturesque Rue de Liege and on the corner is the Alice Gallery.

A quaint gallery filled with natural light, has extended its current show “Disgracers” which is the fourth solo show of the acclaimed photographer, Nicolas Karakatsanis.

“Disgracers” is a phenomenal series of work, that has been perfectly thought through from the initial idea to the placement of each individual piece within the gallery. Oak frames are mounted on a pink lilac velvet wall to ensure that your focus is drawn into each work and you are entirely transported into the world of the “Disgracers”.

The pieces are poetry in pictures; almost genderless figures are seen to fall into the colourful abyss, subjects that move in completely-human way dissolve effortlessly into its surroundings allowing the movement to look alienated and conflicting energies find a form of peacefulness. The different movements of the bodies are highlighted with Nicolas’ blur technique allowing the images to seem to move as the viewer walks around; it is portraiture redefined.

Nicolas has created each piece just like that of a painting; original and one of a kind. Staying true to his fight against the accepted norm of mindlessly cloning of artworks, ‘Disgracers’ is an experience for the visitors to the gallery as there are no “extra edition” of the works available.

“Disgracers” is a hint towards the work of a painted portrait in a medium that today is so disposable. The photography of Nicolas is as if he has painted it by hand himself; simply spectacular.

Tips from a local:
Dates: The Alice Gallery has extended the display of the ‘Disgracers’ until the 6th May 2018 http://alicebxl.com/
Take home: All of the pieces from the exhibition are available for sale.

True Belgian Experience: I would suggest the restaurant ‘t Kelderke, it has some wonderful traditional Belgian cuisine, a terrace to enjoy the sun or sit inside as it is a unique experience; underground.

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“Disgracers”: Portraiture like photography

It takes a highly skilled and technical photographer to capture the perfect...
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