Moncler Celebrates Its Alpine Heritage with Its New Fragrance Collection: Les Sommets Moncler

Moncler, renowned for its excellence rooted in the mountains, has consistently embodied a luxurious lifestyle with an unwavering commitment to innovation. Building upon its successful venture into the world of fragrances in 2021, Moncler now presents its new fragrance collection, Les Sommets Moncler. With five exquisite unisex fragrances and a range of olfactory essentials for the home, this collection pays homage to Moncler’s alpine origins while encapsulating the brand’s heritage and authenticity.


Drawing inspiration from the plush and warm ambiance of Moncler boutiques, the design of the Les Sommets Moncler collection exudes luxury and modernity. The bottles, reminiscent of traditional apothecary designs, feature semi-transparent amber brown lacquer with smoky wooden tones, offering a glimpse of the precious contents within. Adorned with a delicately finished graphic cut-out, the glass caps bear the discreetly embossed Moncler logo, accentuating the collection’s elegance.

“Les Sommets Moncler” fragrance collection delves into the diverse facets of wood, aligning with Moncler’s alpine roots. Each eau de parfum showcases a specific wood, evoking the breathtaking mountain landscapes and comforting environments associated with Moncler. The perfumers behind the collection skillfully reinterpret iconic woods of perfumery to create unique olfactory experiences. The bottles are labeled in French, paying tribute to Moncler’s origins, while the snowy white packaging reflects the clean, monochrome design.

The Fragrances:

  • Le Bois Glacé – Un Vent de Vétiver Epicé (Woody Amber Eau de Parfum): This daring fragrance combines Haitian Vetiver wood with Calabrian Bergamot, harmonizing smoky inflections with dazzling freshness. Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin.

  • Les Roches Noires – Une Lueur de Bois Ambrés (Woody Amber Eau de Parfum): Indonesian Patchouli takes center stage, complemented by the amber notes of Labdanum. Warm and sensual, it captures the essence of moonlight on dark rocks. Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson.
  • Le Solstice – Un Souffle de Santal Irisé (Woody Floral Eau de Parfum): This fragrance pairs the fresh and powdery accords of Iris with creamy Sandalwood, reminiscent of the comforting warmth found in mountain refuges. Perfumer: Daniela Andrier.
  • Haute Montagne – Un Éclat de Bois Blancs (Woody Musky Eau de Parfum): Blonde woods of high altitudes blend with Madagascar Vanilla, creating an exhilarating and gourmet experience inspired by majestic nature. Perfumer: Antoine Maisondieu.

  • La Cordée – À la Cime du Cyprès (Woody Citrus Eau de Parfum): Elegant Cypress notes mingle with invigorating Bergamot and addictive Black Tea leaves, capturing the essence of being at the top of the Cypress. Perfumers: Ane Ayo & Nathalie Lorson.

Moncler extends the sensory experience into the home with its Le Cèdre Bleu fragrance. Inspired by the Blue Cedar tree, which serves as the olfactory signature of Moncler boutiques worldwide, this warm and comforting fragrance combines three cedar varieties with notes of Incense, Oakmoss, and Musks. Now available as a home fragrance and candle, Le Cèdre Bleu allows everyone to recreate the intimate ambiance of a mountain chalet, exposed to the invigorating elements.

“Les Sommets Moncler” fragrance collection not only celebrates the brand’s alpine heritage but also showcases its commitment to innovation and luxury. The combination of wood-inspired fragrances, meticulous design, and attention to detail in both the eau de parfums and home collection exemplify Moncler’s unique identity. Whether worn or diffused throughout the home, “Les Sommets Moncler” collection invites individuals to embark on an olfactory journey that evokes the beauty of nature and

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