Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop Present Iris and Lotus: Handmade Candle Holder Collection

Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop have come together to create a captivating collection of handmade borosilicate glass candle holders called Iris and Lotus. This collaboration, rooted in a shared pursuit of excellence and authenticity, showcases the remarkable craftsmanship and design prowess of both brands. The collection, designed by Summerill & Bishop and produced by Casarialto, pays homage to the ethereal beauty of nature, with each candle holder reflecting the delicate petals of the iris and the serene essence of the lotus flower.

The Iris and Lotus collection is a harmonious fusion of expert craftsmanship and refined aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these candle holders are brought to life using traditional techniques such as lampworking and glassblowing. The transparency and durability of borosilicate glass, skillfully manipulated by the master craftsmen at Casarialto, create stunning pieces that exemplify the timeless elegance of Italian glassmaking. Through countless trials and skilled hands, the sketches evolve into tangible objects, making this collection truly exceptional.

 The limited edition Iris and Lotus collection will be exclusively available at Summerill & Bishop stores, as well as through online platforms such as and Embrace the opportunity to bring the enchantment of these handcrafted candle holders into your home and elevate your digital lifestyle with their natural allure.

The Iris and Lotus collection is a testament to the exceptional collaboration between Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop. These handmade borosilicate glass candle holders capture the essence of natural beauty while embodying the mastery of Italian glassmaking.Let the Iris and Lotus candle holders become the centerpiece of your digital lifestyle, radiating enchantment and elegance.

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