Hôtel Pilgrim: A Parisian Oasis Melding 70’s Flair with Modern Sophistication

In the heart of Paris’s 5th arrondissement, Hôtel Pilgrim stands out with its dark, modern façade among the historical Haussmannian buildings. This latest addition to the Hotels en Ville group, located at 11 Rue de Poissy, reimagines the 1970s’ spirit in a cosmopolitan neighborhood setting.

A Nod to the 70’s Era Hôtel Pilgrim is more than a place to stay; it’s an experience that revives an era. The architects Cyril Durand Behar have skillfully blended raw materials with cozy, vintage furnishings to create an ambiance reminiscent of the 70’s creative buzz. Art from around the globe adorns the hotel, adding to its eclectic and inviting atmosphere.

Artful Accommodations The 53 rooms, spread over six floors, are intelligently designed to maximize space without sacrificing style. Warm color accents blend with the hotel’s signature raw and minimalist aesthetic. Unique features like private terraces, Italian double showers, and interconnected rooms enhance the guest experience. In-room natural and organic L:A Bruket skincare products from Sweden ensure a luxurious stay.

Cozy Common Spaces The hotel’s common areas, including a spacious lobby and a lounge with 70’s-style sofas and a steam fireplace, offer a tranquil retreat. The large windows open onto a terrace adorned with a mural by Redfield & Dattner, perfect for enjoying breakfast, a coffee, or some quiet work time. The rooftop terrace on the 7th floor offers a panoramic view of Paris, making it an ideal spot to unwind.

Wellness and Fitness For wellness enthusiasts, the hotel boasts a fully-equipped fitness room, a 37m2 swimming pool, a hammam, and a treatment cabin offering a variety of massages and targeted treatments. The wellness space is open to both guests and external visitors.

A Culinary and Mixology Destination The hotel’s bar, managed by mixologist Alceste Siobhan Von Holz, reinterprets classic 70’s cocktails with a modern twist. The Pilgrim partners with Tartelettes patisserie, pairing cocktails with specially crafted savory and sweet tarts for a unique gastronomic experience.

Hôtel Pilgrim is more than just a place to rest; it’s a journey back in time with the comforts of modern luxury. Whether you’re lounging in the art-filled common spaces, enjoying the panoramic views from the rooftop, or indulging in unique culinary experiences, this hotel offers a distinctive Parisian experience.

For a starting price of 220€ per night, guests can immerse themselves in this blend of 70’s charm and contemporary elegance. Moreover, the hotel extends its hospitality beyond its guests, offering a delightful breakfast option for 21€ to external visitors, inviting everyone to savor the Pilgrim experience.


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